3D Printer Filament PETG Mega Pack Minimum Order 20KG/44lbs IWECOLOR (Shipping By Sea)


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Spool: 1KG


Color: Black


Country: Global


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IWECOLOR is formulated to offer minimal warping and little of no odor without heating the bed.

PETG is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), the material you may know from plastic water bottles, but some ethylene glycol is replaced with CHDM (cyclohexanedimethanol) — hence the letter “G” after PET for “glycol-modified”. The result is a clearer, less brittle filament that’s easier to extrude than PET. However, it does have the unfortunate side effect of changing the recycling process. Although PET is widely recycled, PETG is not – the subtle differences between these materials create a troublesome contaminant in recycling facilities.

About IWECOLOR PETG Filament
PETG melts at a minimum temperature of about 180 degrees Celsius . Unlike thermoset materials, PETG can be an excellent material that combines the advantages of PLA and ABS, but that also means it’s somewhere moisture easy, and once it got wet,then break ,Only PETG material is proven for non-toxic with also super sticky layer height for excellent outdoor performance.

However, PETG is not a perfect material and, just like other plastic, there are some disadvantages. The low melting temperature also means low-temperature resistance. Model start to lose mechanical strength at temperatures over 75 °C.

The combination easily absorb moisture means that it would be heavy stringing and air-moisture absorption if left out,you need more dryer before you feed it into the extruder printing.

Even though PETG is for food safe, we do not recommend repeatedly drinking or eating from your 3D prints. Because of the small fractures on the print surface, bacteria can build up in there over time. You can prevent this by applying a food-safe coating

But, still, if you need a high-strength material and PLA/PETG+ or ABS just won’t cut it, standard PETG is a great option.
It's more suitable for noobs and simple family models.

Print temp: 200°C - 230°C (392℉~ 446℉)
Hot bed temp: 25°C - 60°C (77℉~ 140℉)
Print speed: 30-90mm/s

Basic Parameter

  • Melt flow rate(g/10min, 190°C, 2.16KG): 3-5
  • Packaging Included: 1 spool PETG filament in one box
  • Environmentally Friendly and Non-toxic
  • Premium Quality and High Precision
  • Professional Vacuum-Sealed Packaging
  • Less-tangle and Wide Compatibility
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