3D Printer Filament PLA UV Magic White Rose Ultraviolet Variation 1.75mm 250g IWECOLOR


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Color: White to Rose

White to Rose

Spool: 250G


Country: Global


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IWECOLOR is formulated to offer minimal warping and little of no odor without heating the bed.

About IWECOLOR PLA UV Magic Filament 
PLA UV-Changing melts at a similar temperature of about 190 degrees Celsius as regular PLA. But unlike regular PLA, "UV MAGIC" it means that filament is a special type of PLA filament that undergoes a color transformation when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

UV-Changing is vacuum sealed with desiccant to prevent moisture absorption, allowing for high-detail resolution eventually.

The filament starts with a white or off-white color, but when exposed to UV light, it changes to a purple or reddish hue. The degree and speed of color transformation can vary depending on the specific uv light.

PLA UV Light-Changing filament is sensitive to ultraviolet light. When exposed to UV light sources such as sunlight or UV lamps, the color change occurs. It is important to note that the color change may be temporary and reversible, returning to its original white color when removed from the UV light source.

Different batch of PLA UV Magic would be different performance degree,so IWECOLOR guidelines may include recommendations for printing temperature, cooling, and handling the printed object to ensure the best color-changing effect.

Print temp: 190°C - 220°C (374℉~ 428℉)
Heatbed temp: 50°C - 60°C (122℉~ 140℉)
Print speed: 30-90mm/s

Basic Parameter 

Melt flow rate(g/10min, 190°C, 2.16KG): 3-5

  • Environmentally Friendly and Non-toxic
  • Premium Quality and High Precision
  • Professional Vacuum-Sealed Packaging
  • Less-tangle and Wide Compatibility

This PLA UV Magic is made in-house by IWECOLOR . We chose Natureworks 4043D and Luminy LX175 which are the best and most widely used in 3D printing.Although we test it each spool during manufacturing,but different 3D printer you need to take adjustment yourself to

1.75 mm filament is manufactured with precision of +- 0.03 mm

Before printing, please make sure the surface of heatbed is clean and your nozzle either

The recommended maximum temperatures of drying for IWECOLOR PLA are 50 °C for a minimum of 4 hours.

Additional Information

White to Rose