Tips: Only $50, We Can Make Our 3D Printer Smarter

Tips: Only $50, We Can Make Our 3D Printer Smarter

As all we known, 3D printing is a long time process, sometimes we need to keep the printer run for lots couple of days, and there are full of something variables during the time. So it is a challeange that how to supervise the printer work more efficiently.

Here, IWECOLOR show you some steps what worthy of your reference properly.

1, a smart socket is needed,.

we need to connect our 3D printer to a smart socket, so we can switch the printer on and off at any time through our phone also save power. A smart socket on Amazon value is just less than $8.

2, we need a smart camera.

Otherwise we can't see the working status of the printer when we are outside, the cost of camera is less than 30 US dollars. Of course, we need a camera with night vision so that we can see the printer working in the dark, and we can also adjust the angle through the mobile app to check the consumption of our 3d printer filament supplies in time.

3, Last but not least a smart light bulb.

Some times we find that the camera night vision is not ideal, so we need a light to see more clearly can be switched on and off at any time lighting. And the cost of this is only less than USD10.

When we have all of these accessories above, we could be easily away from the printer in the place of the printer's condition, environmental control, these smart parts add up to a cost of $50 only.



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