How To Keep 3D Printing Filament Dry?

How To Keep 3D Printing Filament Dry?

Moisture in the air can damage the 3D printing filament, as well as the printed products. Therefore, the filament that is not damp is absolutely the key to the success of 3D printing.

iwecolor 3d printer filament package
Here are a few tips to consider.
  1. Before use, make sure you want to print or not. If you are not printing, try not to open the sealed packaging of the 3D printing filament. Generally, filaments are sealed and packaged, unless the package is leaking.
  2. During the printing process, it should also be kept dry, especially when printing for a long time. At this time, you can choose a professional 3D printing filament dryer, which not only allows you to keep the filament dry, but also helps you further reduce the moisture content of the filaments.
  3. After use, the 3D printer filament can be placed in a large sealed box and taken out when needed. Alternatively, it can be sealed with plastic wrap, or you can purchase a specially sealed vacuum bag. It's just that the plastic wrap is disposable, and the sealed bag can be reused.
It is hoped that in the future, there will be a printer that can directly dry the 3D printer filament and extract water, so that it will be done once and for all.
IWECOLOR is a professional 3D printer filament production, R&D and sales brand. IWECOLOR's 3D printing filaments are dried and vacuum-packed before leaving the factory, which is trustworthy.


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