Revolution is born——3D printing Pandora's Box opening

Revolution is born——3D printing Pandora's Box opening
Imagine it: the man in black comes to a printer, inserts a USB stick and prints
out a plastic pistol from the printer, hides it in his pocket, walks into the crowd,
shoots his target and then throws the pistol into the flames, then disappear.

In the past, a such scenarios were only seen in science fiction movies, but now,they are becoming a reality.

The world's first 3D printed pistol was created in 2012, designed and manufactured by a University of Texas student named Cody Wilson.

Texas, the southern and politically "right" of all US states, is a strong pro-gun state, with an F rating for gun control and an average of over 3,000 deaths a year from gunfire.

Cody Wilson's first 3D-printed handgun, called the "Liberator", is a revolver made from 16 parts printed on a FDM 3D printer in ABS plastic and assembled into a revolver.

The pistol is not a plastic toy as one might expect, but a real gun that can be loaded with a standard magazine and fire nearly ten times.

In fact, the danger of 3D printed guns does not stem from their price and utility, but from their secrecy and untraceability.

By secrecy, it is the fact that ordinary firearms require registration at the time of purchase, where the information of the registered purchaser is examined and recorded. If the man does not fit the profile in terms of age, mental health status, criminal status, etc., the firearm cannot be purchased.

The US has the Non-Detectable Firearms Act which requires firearms to contain metal elements that can be detected by metal detectors to prevent people from concealing firearms in crowded places.

To meet this act, Defense Distributed produces 3D printed guns with some metal firing pins and other components.

However, it is easy to avoid these small parts if you take the plans yourself, or hide the 3D printed parts separately and assemble them when you arrive the target site. These are all very simple ways of evading metal detection.

In terms of concealment, the guns are usually numbered on the body, while the guns themselves are very strong and difficult to damage. In the event of a murder, the number, fingerprints and so on can be used to trace the perpetrator.

But 3D printed guns are not only unnumbered, also the ABS plastic material can be easily melted by flames, making the murder weapon disappear without a trace.

On 8th July, Japan's former Prime Minister Abe was shot dead by a 41-year-old man with a homemade shotgun while giving a speech on the street in Nara, and the gunman was arrested on the spot. Although the suspect was brought under control, Abe also died after being resuscitated.

There is no need to question the capabilities of 3D printers.

In the future,anything what can be drawn with CAD software it's possibly made with a 3D printer. The potential of this technology is incalculable and equally disruptive in almost every industry.

From the medical field to manufacturing, it will certainly disrupt many of the normal laws of nature while enhancing the manufacturing capabilities of consumers.

We found it is real easily on printing and assembling if someone got a FDM printer and knowing what of principle and structure of guns.And even the bullets are created on printer, Look at what IWECOLOR created from PLA+....



The magic box of 3D printed guns has only just been opened, and whether it will bring chaos or miracles to the world is in our own hands.

As the same with many technologies, 3D printing can be misused, but it's not the technology itself flawed.

As a technology of the third industrial revolution, 3D printing has become more and more widely used in industry, medicine, art and other fields, accelerating the process of humanity while it should be treated with respect.

IWECOLOR believe that with the right guidance and the joint efforts of experts and scholars in related fields, 3D printing will turn out to be an engineering project for the benefit of mankind!


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